Digital Signage

 Proitav  Daisy Chain HD system distributes video to multiple displays in series using Video over IP  techniques  and provides powerful solutions for Digital Signage, which  is an exciting technology that provides organizations like retail outlets, hotels, convention centers, airports,  offices, etc. a means of improving public communications and enhancing marketing effectiveness.  The digital signage technology allows flexible, real-time communication to the target audiences. 

Proitav  Daisy Chain HD system connects up to 50 displays using CAT5 cables in a daisy chain mode going from one display to the next. It is over IP technique, connect up to 50 displays using CAT-x cables with a daisy chain mode.Moreover, it is easy for you to get a video wall up to 4 x 4 via the DIP switch.

As a Chinese manufacturer, we are proud to offer a full range of  extenders,splitters, transmitters and receivers  to support  digital signage installations and provide TOP quality interconnect solutions at unbeatable prices. 

  Drawing of Daisy Chain HD system:

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